About Us

We are the Kashef family and our family farm is at the crossroads of health, nutrition, and family in Llano, Texas. 

Our farm is filled with ponds, wildflowers, sacred trees, and animals overlooking the hill country. Based on permaculture principles, we practice soil regeneration, livestock, and hand-crafted high-nutrition vegetable production. Our livestock are moved constantly to a fresh pasture to promote animal health, soil biology, and nutritious grass growth.  ​

Our goal is to work in harmony with nature to produce healthy food for our local community. 

Open for knowledge exchange, community collaboration, health, and educational programs.

Our farming practices follow natural systems and prioritize animal quality of life so you can eat healthier food.

✓ Rotationally grazed poultry, and hogs on pasture and in the woods

✓ Higher concentrations of essential fatty acids, vitamins, and healthy fats in our meats and eggs

✓ Regenerative systems that nourish, build, and heal the soil

✓ No Soy, No pesticides, No GMOs, antibiotics, or hormones

✓ Fed fresh grass and certified organic grains