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Pasture Raised Turkey Liver

Pasture Raised Turkey Liver

Size: 1.2lbs

Our Pasture Raised Turkey Liver is a powerhouse of nutrition, containing essential vitamins and minerals for optimal health. Eating organ meats, like Turkey Liver, can support liver health and contribute to a balanced and nutrient-rich diet.

Our Turkey Liver is free of hormones and antibiotics, providing a healthy and sustainable protein source.

Cooking tips:

1. Pan-fried with onions and bacon for a classic liver and onions dish.

2. Diced and added to a heartystew.

3. Sautéed with garlic and herbs and served with a side of mashed sweet potatoes.

4. Puréed and used as a base for a rich, savory pâté.

5. Sliced thinly and used to top a pizza or flatbread with caramelized onions and goat cheese.

Remember to not overcook liver as it can become tough and chewy. Cook it until it is just pink in the middle for the best texture and flavor.

Our meats are free of nitrates, nitrites, sulfates, sulfites, MSG, hormones, antibiotics, preservatives, and sugars.

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